About Our Church

For the past ten years, The Holy Way Presbyterian Church has achieved remarkable growth. Our worship attendance has more than doubled. Our winter attendance is over 200 people on Sunday and our summer attendance is about half of that total. Our education program for children,  and adults has multiplied to the point where we now have various learning opportunities for all ages. Our music program has grown to include Chancel Choir, and Bell Choir.

Our mission perspective has shifted from this church being seen as a mission to new ways of discovering how we can support God's mission beyond this congregation. As we have grown, there has been a very conscious effort to continue the quality of care that has characterized this church from the beginning. This website is an outcome of that concern that our caring not be compromised as we grow. We carry out God's call for this moment. This church has grown far beyond the sixteen people who first gathered here, but our mission remains the same.